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"Mush" The Beginner's Manual of Sled Dog Training.  Still the absolute first choice for beginning sled dog enthusiasts. Information on dogs, equipment, sleds and carts. Training of puppies, adult dogs, leaders. Tips on traveling, racing and health care. Also related sled dog activities. 246 p.

#BMB $21.00

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Training Lead Dogs 
by Lee Fishback - How to turn ordinary dogs into Lead Dogs thru positive training.  105 pages.

#BFLD  $13.00

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Dog Driver.  A Guide for the Serious Musher by Miki and Julie Collins.  When you aspire to mid or long-distance racing; or traveling through a wilderness with your team - this book is for you.  Experienced mushers tell how to build a successful team, select and repair equipment, care for yourself and your team on the trail.  Includes mushers' medical manual.  392 pages.  

#BSM  $39.95

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Weight Pulling for Dogs. By V. Rowell, Basic obedience, communication, training equipment, techniques and principles.

#BWP  $7.00

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The Speed Mushing Manual, How to Train Racing Sled Dogs, by Jim Welch.  Highly acclaimed by World Champion drivers.

#BSM  $13.00

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bookWinning Strategies for Distance Mushers by Joe Runyan includes: practical advise, what it takes to win, training and selecting pups, kennel management and insights on nutrition.  Also included are anecdotes and recollections from the trail and Joe's evaluation of the 1996 Iditarod.   This book is 160 pages tightly printed and chock full of information.  Some views will not fit everyone's outlook but will get one thinking about care, feeding, training and racing of sled dogs.  6 x9" softcover.160 pages,

#BJRW  $15.00

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Winterdance - Gary Paulsen winner of several writing awards described his preparation for and running of the Iditarod.  His experience has been described as two weeks of terror with flashes of unexpected hilarity.  Some of the funniest sled dog stuff ever written!  Softcover. #BPWS  $12.00

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bookPuppies, Dogs, and Blue Northers - Reflections on being raised by a pack of sled dogs by Gary Paulsen is known as one of America's most popular writers of books for young people.  In his latest work Paulsen again brings his love of the sport to readers on a personal level.  This essay is about the life of a litter of pups born to pull and the marvel he experiences as he watches them grow and learn.  6 x 9" 96 pages, Hardcover.

#BRPD  $15.00 

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My Lead dog was a Lesbian
- by Brian O'Donoghue, Fairbanks Daily News-Miner journalist, described his 1991 Iditarod adventure.  Here is a different perspective of what its' like in the back of the pack as Brian and other rookies battle storm after storm where just about everything can go wrong and usually does.  Told with self-deprecating wit, vivid descriptions of dogs and conditions.  Softcover, 285 pages.

#BRLD  $13.00

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bookSled Dog Trails - by Mary Shields.  The author recounts her sled dog adventures in Alaska - running dogs for pleasure and competition.

#BMSD  $11.00

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George Attla: The Legend of the Sled Dog Trail - In 1958, no one at the Fur Rendezvous World Championship in Anchorage knew the Athabascan musher from Huslia who walked with a stiff leg as he led his dogs to the start line.  Certainly no one expected him to win.  Today the whole mushing world knows George Attla.  His extraordinary life is an inspiration to many, and today he remains a first place contender in any race he enters.  By Lewis Freedman, sports editor of the Anchorage Daily News.  200 pages.

#BSGA  $15.00

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The Best of Robert Service - A deluxe hardcover edition of the works of Service, with stunning period photographs of the Yukon Territory he immortalized through his incomparable verses.  200 pages, with 32 Black/White Photos  A great buy!

#BRRS  $20.00

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Iditarod Country - 60 color photos by Jeff Schultz, the official Iditarod photographer and text by Tricia Brown, former Alaska magazine editor.  Takes the reader to the fascinating places along the Iditarod route, through remote native villages and deserted mining towns the famed trail takes.  Hardcover, 64 pages

#BGICP  $17.00

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bookIditarod Classics - Tales of the Trail from Men and Women Who Race Across Alaska.  A collection of adventure stories from the mushers themselves: Swenson, Butcher, Buser, Riddles, and many others.

#BGICS  $13.00

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IDITAROD The Great Race To Nome - 80 color photos by Jeff Schultz, text by Anchorage Times writer Bill Sherwonit. 144 pages.

#BAI  $20.00

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bookRace Across Alaska - by Libby Riddles.  Self-portrait of a woman who became world famous for her courageous win of the Iditarod.  Told with insight, modesty and humor.

#BSRA  $15.00

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bookIditarod Dreams, A Year in The Life of an Alaskan Sled Dog Racer - Dee Dee Jonrowe, "everybody's' favorite Iditarod musher" gives an account of a year in her life, training for the Iditarod and the Alpirod, keeping the Dogs healthy, developing race strategy and maintaining a happy outlook. Written with Lewis Freedman.

#BGID  $14.00

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bookFirst Aid for the active Dog  Step-by-step first aid instructions for dealing with a wide range of sickness and accidents. From prevention, restraint and examination. Information on administering first aid.


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